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Alarming Budgets by Norm Silberdick
We have had a chance to look at the first pass of the Operating Budget, the Default Budget and Selectmen Sponsored Warrant Articles and are alarmed at the blatant insensitivity to the taxpayer and power grab on the part of the Selectmen Read More... Alarming Budgets
Tax on average single family home is now virtually $7,000 by Norm Silberdick

This graph reflects spending based on the articles that actually passed in March 2018. ... In just four years the average will have risen from under $6,000 ($5,989) to almost $7,000 ($6,944).

Read More... Tax on average single family home is now virtually $7,000
Tax Rate by Norm Silberdick

The most recent information indicating that the tax rate may increase by 4% is truly a shocking event to Hampton Taxpayers. In our numerous articles to the Hampton Union and our presentations at the Board of Selectmen we constantly mention the need to look out for the interests of the taxpayers when the Town goes on spending sprees. Some of the items impacting our taxes are necessary some are not.


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Article 28 - $245,241 for LED street lights
The economics of the presentation for this article... by Jerry Znoj
Article 39 - $16,440 for interior front doors at the Town Offices
Vote yes here. What good are automatic front doors... by Jerry Znoj
Article 37 - $50,000 to convert paper documents to elecrronic format
Vote No on this . We need definition here as to wh... by Jerry Znoj
Article 29 - create sidewalk fund
Vote NO here ,enough is enough with the creation o... by Jerry Znoj
Article 23 - $243,165 DPW Vehicle purchases
Vote yes here . I did here however hear on more th... by Jerry Znoj
Article 17 - Fund for Personal Protective Equipment for Fire Fighters
Vote yes on this . I don't like idea of another Ca... by Jerry Znoj
Article 12 - Union Contract - Police Sergeants
Reference article 13 . Vote yes. by Jerry Znoj
Article 13 - Union Contract - Police Patrolman
Vote yes. I looked at the wage scale in the curren... by Jerry Znoj
Article 45 - establish Heritage Commission
Sounds good and wide in scope with a very definiti... by Jerry Znoj
Article 44 - $ 110,000 land purchase for conservation commission
Good deal here ( money wise) and for all the right... by Jerry Znoj